Board of Directors

Dr. Lyle Koca, DC, DPhCS

President, 2024-2026

Dr. Jason Louie, DC, DPhCS

Secretary-Treasurer, 2024-2026

Dr. Jason Wing Louie, DC, DPhCS graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 2002. He opened his practice, True Chiropractic, in Little Canada, MN in 2005 and has trained over 100 interns. He received his Diplomate in Philosophical Chiropractic Standards in 2010.

Dr. Bradley Poock, DC, DPhCS

Member at Large, 2023-2026

Brad Poock is known internationally for his ability to tackle the most difficult philosophic topics in chiropractic, and deliver them in a way that keeps audiences engaged and offers them tremendous philosophic insight. Dr. Poock has been involved in chiropractic philosophy for decades, having served on the original ICA Council on Chiropractic Philosophy board with Dr. Fred Barge, later becoming the Council Chair, and has recently rejoined their board to aid in advising the next generation of leaders. He has been in constant full-time practice for over 30 years, and with his wife, Jennifer, sees patients across the gamut of health condition and age. Dr. Poock is well known for his thorough spinal analysis and care he provides, focused upon the vertebral subluxation, exactly as taught by the finest faculty in the world, Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he graduated with Honors in 1989.

Dr. Robert Sinnott, DC, DPhCS

Member at Large , 2023-2026

Dr. Rob Sinnott is a noted chiropractic speaker in the areas of chiropractic philosophy, neurology, and clinical practice, and has authored numerous works in those areas. He served as the Chairman of the Council on Chiropractic Philosophy of the International Chiropractors Association. He published the Green Books on CD-ROM in 1997 and since that time, this significant effort has become an acclaimed resource for the chiropractic profession around the world. His Sinnott’s—Textbook of Chiropractic Philosophy was published in 2009 and is being used in chiropractic schools around the world. The recently-published Textbook of Human Adaptability has also begun to be recognized not only by the chiropractic profession, but by leading researchers across five continents as well. He graduated with Research Honors from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1989 and in the following 29 years has received many honors and awards for his efforts on behalf of the profession. Dr. Sinnott has earned the Legion of Chiropractic Philosophers degree in 2000, his Diplomate in Chiropractic Philosophical Standards (DPhCS) in 2005 and became one of two Fellow of Chiropractic Philosophy recipients in 2010. He has been involved in designing, teaching, and hosting the Chiropractic Philosophy Diplomate (DPhCS) program since its inception. He began the Adaptability Research Symposium to bring cutting-edge researchers from around the world to address our profession. With his wife, Gail (who does all the work and gets none of the credit), he maintains a private practice in Frankfort, Illinois.

Dr. Sean Walker, DC, ACP, DPhCS

Board Member , 2023-2024