We believe Chiropractic Philosophy has the power to transform health care for the better.

Our passion is to help doctors of Chiropractic achieve previously unimaginable levels of clinical clarity, and support their developing increasing skills for clinically powerful connections and communications with the communities they serve.

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Welcome to the ICA Council on Chiropractic Philosophy

Chiropractic Philosophy, Science and Art are vital and integral to the distinct, unique and powerful elements of chiropractic care.The Council’s programs, resources and initiatives are dedicated to support the growth of the profession and advance its capacity to make profound changes in the health of the individual patient and the health of the community in which they live. The foundations of the philosophical dynamics between intelligence, force and matter, and Chiropractic as a unique profession and professional paradigm, hold powerful implications for today’s health care climate around the globe.The information offered on this chiropractic website is made available to assist everyone seeking additional knowledge and insight about the elements of good health through chiropractic. The Council is committed to supporting the growth and advancement of understanding chiropractic as a unique and distinct healing philosophy, art and science.