About Us

Who We Are:

The Council on Chiropractic Philosophy is a growing community of Chiropractors, chiropractic students and organizations with resources for information, forums for interaction and professional growth, and opportunities for advanced and continuing education on a range of pertinent topics.

We believe Chiropractic Philosophy has the power to transform health care for the better.

Our passion is to help doctors of Chiropractic achieve previously unimaginable levels of clinical clarity, and support their developing increasing skills for clinically powerful connections and communications with the communities they serve. 

We are committed to building increased understanding and awareness of Chiropractic as a unique, distinct, drug-free and non-surgical profession. 

Our advocacy and educational initiatives, informational resources and programs are dedicated on increasing recognition of the unique and powerful elements of chiropractic’s healing paradigm and of the specific chiropractic adjustment.

The Council’s priorities include undertaking and supporting initiatives to:

  • Advance excellence in patient care with the congruent application of Chiropractic philosophy, science, and art as it relates to the detection and correction of the vertebral subluxation complex.
  • Promote and advocate for the unique philosophy and scientific approach of the Chiropractic adjustment and Chiropractic’s to the public.
  • Provide special levels and resources of support for doctors of Chiropractic to administer Chiropractic care and teach the clinical application of chiropractic philosophy that would benefit the patient’s health and safety and the profession’s separate and unique status.
  • Advance the clinical application of Chiropractic philosophy and progress of educational standards for the benefit of public health, patient empowerment, and the profession’s continued growth as a distinct professional philosophy, art and science.